How Does DvSUM work?


A patented automated data validation solution

Our patent pending application has an intuitive user interface with assisted modeling that allows for rapid execution of validation tests. Our novel application logic that can automatically compare data from different sources, execute and analyze tests, and assist with root cause analysis.


Model once, run anywhere

Data Source Configuration

The source data is configured only once. An administrator manages the data sources used for testing. DvSUM is compatible with Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MYSQL, Excel, and flat files as databases.

Test Modeling

The user defines the test. The default option allows users to specify the test parameters and save them for execution. Alternatively, you can use the Predictive Modeling Assist feature to input test definitions as phrases that the system automatically converts to test parameters.

Test Execution

Tests can be executed individually or in batch mode. When executed individually, the test runs immediately and the results are presented to the user for analysis. When run in batch mode, all the tests are executed and the users are alerted when testing is complete.

Test Analysis

The test results consist of a pass/fail status and a readiness score. The readiness score indicates the quality of the data in the project environment. Based on the results of the test, users can dig deeper and develop a remediation plan to fix the data. Steps 3 and 4 can be repeated until the user sees the desired results.


Big Data
cloud infrastructure


An intuitive user interface and easy configuration

The carefully designed user interface makes it easy to get started with DvSUM. You only need to define a data check once. The application automatically profiles and validates the data before presenting a readiness score on the DvSUM dashboard. With DvSUM, you can validate real-time data, run multiple cycles, and see actionable information with a single click. Once data validation is complete, the tests can be converted to Operations Mode to allow ongoing data monitoring during production. That means you can spend less time worrying about data validation, and more time making data driven decisions based on accurate business intelligence.


Rapid deployment for a quick ROI

Simple Architecture

Existing test automation solutions have a complex architecture and they require detailed data source, configuration before testing can begin. With DvSUM, you only need to define the data source once and you’re ready to test. The data structure is determined real-time while the test is being executed.

Small FootPrint

Existing solutions pull large volumes of data from various sources before testing. This can lead to significant infrastructure requirements for the testing system. DvSUM uses a patented technology where the data validation and analysis are done in real time by leveraging the efficiency of the native database. This allows our software to have a very small footprint. It can be scaled to support multiple databases of any size. A smaller installation footprint and easy configuration mean that DvSUM will provide a quick ROI.