DvSum Services

Delivering Information & Insights to the Business

Beyond technology, DvSum brings deep experience working with data in a business context, including supply chain, system implementation and business process initiatives. Our teams provide data impact assessments and pre-project planning, while combining business knowledge, domain expertise, and proven project experience to ensure your success.

Basic Setup

​Basic setup is free for annual subscription plans. As part of onboarding customers, we configure the solution to your data sources and provide initial training for the users and support teams. Its everything you need to be off and running, managing your data, and the services are free of charge.

Consulting Services​

In addition to basic set up, we offer consulting services to assist you with setting up your processes and in assisting with data profiling, cleansing, monitoring and enrichment. Our services include:

  • Review the business process
  • Do initial profiling of data
  • Analyze and recommend data quality targets
  • Configure audit rules, validation cycles and owners
  • Migrate any existing data quality rules into DvSum
  • Setup formal data quality management process
  • Conduct ‘Performance Training’ to your users on What to audit, how to audit, identifying risk and how to achieve targets

Managed Services

We offer on-going operations and value-added services through our Managed Services offering. With managed services, you do not have to worry about how to operate or use the DvSum system on an on-going basis. Our team of experts will provide you with the actionable intelligence that you can use to make decisions.

  • Execute audits
  • Generate scorecards
  • Analyze data profiles, audit results and trends
  • Identify risk areas and recommend action plan
Technical Support

And of course we provide Technical Support. Have problems with the application, access issues, a question about how to write a specific audit rule or just feedback for us. Call us, Email us, Post on our Facebook page or Tweet to us – we provide world-class support on all the channels.

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