DvSum Platform

Manage data across complex landscapes – without pulling the data

Today's businesses no longer rely on a single monolithic ERP. The widespread adoption of best of breed tools, along with fragmented business units and ongoing acquisitions, all result in diverse system landscapes that add complexity.

DvSum's patented software-as-a-service platform enables quick set up, and a complete set of tools to explore, automate, monitor, measure, analyze and improve data quality. The intuitive interface and wizards make it easy for business users to take ownership and collaborate with IT to manage data across complex system landscapes and cross-functional processes.

Any Data Source, Anywhere in the Enterprise

DvSum works with any data source such as ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, home grown systems, even other Cloud platforms or data stored in spreadsheets. Our platform provides a single, transparent interface for users to explore, analyze and audit data centrally across these multiple sources and systems.

Fix Required Data Faster with simpler infrastructure - DvSum

Improvement Philisophy

PARC Your Data with DvSum

Profile, Audit, Review, Comply. The DvSum platform provides robust tools to enable a proven process for proactive and holistic management of data. This includes metrics, analytics and action items to drive and sustain data improvements, aligned with business value.

Why DvSUM ?