Why Choose DvSum?

​Fastest Time-to-Value

Go-live in a week! DvSum can be setup and analyzing you live data within hours. Leverage the existing rules library or migrate your existing rules, and you can be fixing exceptions within a day. That's ultra-fast even by SaaS standards.

Show immediate, measurable results with pre-built dashboards, metrics and trend reporting which empower you to showcase the quick wins. Review data scorecards and compliance with Project Managers and Business Leaders, then expand the user base and data sources to track data trends and manage compliance across the business - All within days and weeks, not months or years.

Any data any where in the enterprise from the cloud - DvSum

Built for Business (& IT!)

The #1 reason data quality tools fail is lack of adoption by the business.
That's because most tools are highly technical and isolated to ERP and how IT manages databases. They lack the business context and process requirements, and aren't built to handle data across complex application landscapes.

DvSum provides an easy to use interface and common language wizards to empower non-technical users to manage and fix data. Create rules and set up approval workflows with a click. Collaborate with IT to orchestrate the process and fix data - all through a single shared solution.

With DvSum, you don't have to write complex SQL queries to manage data, although you can if you want to. What you get is a single platform that works with any data, in any data source, anywhere in your enterprise. So DvSum becomes the single location for business and IT to manage and fix data across your business processes and systems landscape.

Fix Required Data Faster with simpler infrastructure - DvSum

Best of SaaS & On-Premise

Most solutions currently offered are traditional on-premise licensed software, and come with the usual downsides - higher costs to set up and maintain, and slower innovation through expensive upgrades. Another set of solutions are offered on the Cloud, with the SaaS model benefits of lower cost to deploy and maintain. However, they're not as robust and can't work directly with your data. This requires you to replicate your environment and send all your data in a batch mode.

DvSum offers an innovative technology that gives you the best of Software-as-a-Service and on-premise software. It is a SaaS application that enables access to corporate data regardless of where it is, and without the need to change your network security and configuration. You get a robust data management solution that works across your landscape, along with the flexibility and speed of a true software-as-a-service offering.

Helping companies improve their information quality - DvSum